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With a force of 11,000 engineers & scientists and a $16 billion R&D budget, NASA is a world leader in new technology development. On the way to space, NASA produces thousands of innovations in electronics, software, materials, medicine, manufacturing, and more. NASA Tech Briefs’ mission, mandated by the U.S. Congress, is to help commercial industry capitalize on these breakthroughs and create new products that bolster the economy while improving daily life.

NASA’s best new technologies with “down to Earth” applications are reported FIRST in NASA Tech Briefs, months or years before they appear in other publications.

Engineers and managers in OEM industries ranging from automotive to bio-med to communications rely on Tech Briefs for design ideas they can apply at the front end of the product development cycle, when critical decisions are made on technologies, products, and vendors. With over 190,000 BPA-audited subscribers and 745,000 monthly readers, NASA Tech Briefs is the world’s largest-circulation design engineering magazine, distributed in both print and PDF formats.

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