Largest-Circulation Engineering Magazine Delivering Cutting-Edge Content Spanning the Commercial and Military Aerospace Markets. 

In 2014 Defense Tech Briefs and Aerospace Engineering came together to create Aerospace & Defense Technology, mailed as a polybagged supplement to Tech Briefs. Engineers and marketers quickly embraced the new publication — making it #1!

Targeted 100% to over 70,000 decision-makers who design/develop products for aerospace and defense applications.

Our Product Offerings include:

• Eight stand-alone issues of Aerospace & Defense Technology including a special May issue dedicated to unmanned technology.

• An integrated tool box to reach the defense/commercial/military aerospace design engineer through print, digital, e-mail, Webinars and Tech Talks, and social media.

• A dedicated RF and microwave technology section in each issue, covering wireless, power, test, materials, and more.